Desdemona sells 5300 Pine Tree Drive above market price in a difficult real estate market


Desdemona sells its private equity investment in AppraisalHub above market value


Desdemona and Prem Palwani start development of 007percent.com, a social networking platform for the “richest .007%”


Remodeling of combined 606/607 Murano Grande units is complete


Villazzo closes “best year ever” with record bookings in Miami Beach, St Tropez, and Aspen


Desdemona sells 4040 Ventura Ave


Desdemona launches the Villazzo Global Luxury Villa Fund with $30 million of own assets


Desdemona acquires 33% stake in OneModelPlace.com


Christian Jagodzinski Desdemona Capital is the investment arm of Christian Jagodzinski.

Christian started his first business at the age of 16. He was an early innovator in the online sector, and founded numerous Internet companies during the 1990s. Among them was what would become the largest online book retailer in Europe: Telebook.com. In April 1998, Amazon acquired Telebook and all of its subsidiaries for its European operations.

Another successful Internet venture was WWW–service.com, which became the leading web hosting providein Germany and Spain. In October of 1998, the company was sold to Verio (Nasdaq: VRIO), which in turn was acquired by NTT (Nippon Telecom) in a multi-billion dollar deal in 1999.

Frustration about bad service in the vacation villa market led Christian to launch Villazzo in 2003. Villazzo’s model, unique in the world, brings luxury hotel management to unique private homes. The company has offices in Miami Beach, Saint-Tropez, Aspen, and Saint Barth.

In 2015, Christian and Desdemona Capital leveraged their real estate and hospitality expertise in the super-luxury segment to launch the Villazzo Global Luxury Villa Fund, benefitting from the extraordinary appreciation of unique private residences in select locations.