Florida International Magazine – April 2005

Christian Jagodzinski – Founder & President, Villazzo, Miami Beach

Entrepreneur and thrill–seeker Christian Jagodzinski has traveled to more than 25 countries in ultimate style, has practiced just about every sport known to a man and even flew a Russian fighter jet on a whim. But when it came time to grow roots and establish his latest business incarnation, Villazzo, a boutique hospitality, luxury estate management and high–end property sales/marketing firm, the former Internet maverick settled on Florida for very specific reasons: "I wanted to spend more time in better weather," he says. "Not to mention that Miami is a metropolitan city and a prime vacation destination, perfect for what I do."
So what exactly is that? Simply put, Villazzo is a one–stop shop for millionaires who are too busy or just not interested in dealing with the grunt work of luxury living: hiring help, planning Onassis-worthy vacations and other such Fortune 100–type endeavors. And like the man behind it, Villazzo is as multidimensional as business gets.
The company has three divisions: Villa Vacations brings the travelers a worldwide inventory of posh estates for rent (all featuring five star hotel services). Villa Management takes care of every–day housekeeping issues – from the hiring of maids to finding an accountant. Villa Marketing provides a la carte help to prep high end estates (mostly homes in excess of $2 million) for sale.
Less than three years old, Villazzo owes all its success to its founderís vision. "I built my companyís divisions and client service from my own past experiences as a frustrated person seeking top-notch services," says Jagodzinski. "We want our clients to experience superior quality, better than in other parts of the world." That said, how does he get to do what he does? For Jagodzinski, timing has been everything. In 1998 he sold two of his internet-based companies – Telebook, an online book seller, to Amazon, and www–service, a web hosting dot–com, to Verio – just before the industryís bubble burst.
As he traveled the world, the concept of Villazzo came to him. "No one was catering to my needs," he says. "The idea for my company came as a result of disappointment." But Jagodzinski is more interested in looking forward than dwelling in past accomplishments. He plans to expand his company with some pioneer spirit he has in his personal life, and is currently opening offices in St. Tropez, Marbella and Aspen. "Iíve always done things that nobody else is doing," he says. "That is the one thing that drives me."